Tony Silveira

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Church Planter and Missionary Tony Silveira founded Passion Canada with fresh vision to see Montreal and surrounding areas won for Christ and to see people’s hearts set ablaze for the Kingdom of God. Tony brought 30 years of church planting experience to Montreal from his work in Europe and Toronto. He founded Passion Canada in 2012 and since then has planted the Passion Centre Church and gave origin to many other Churches and ministries in the Province of Quebec. The Passion Centre is now meeting at Église Béthanie,

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Our Mission & Goals

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Our missions is to promote, Passion for God, for People, for the World! We do this in practical was by intervening in different small projects changing the world one person at the time.  

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Homeless help

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Loving people

Continually restore adaptive paradigms after "outside.

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Christian Education

Quickly benchmark client-centered vortals without cutting.

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Feed the hungry

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Latest Videos

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Watch some of our latest teachings and events on our Youtube channel.

Team Volunteers

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Become part of our team in different activities and projects

Tony Silveira

Tony SilveiraPassion Leader

Sara Silveira

Sara SilveiraVolunteers

Nitin Mooloo

Nitin MoolooMissionary

Sara Zampino

Sara ZampinoVolunteers

Sylvie Lacoste

Sylvie LacosteWomen's Ministries

Marc Zampini

Marc ZampinoAdministration

Johny Zraik

Johny ZuraikAdministration